VoiceSage is a proactive customer engagement service provider that helps its customers remodel their outbound processes using high response, automated, contact media such as interactive voice messaging and SMS. Established in 2003 and leading the market in proactive customer service and contact, VoiceSage works every day with clients to change their ROI paradigm, achieve improved consumer response and cut costs.

The firm numbers amongst its customer base Argos (Home Retail Group), Capital One, Thames Water, AXA Insurance, Capita and Shop Direct all who utilise its cloud services for proactive customer service applications, delivery and appointment notifications, mobile payments, marketing campaigns, credit collections and other high-volume B2C processes. Indeed, more than 75% of the UK population, over 44 million individual phones, has received VoiceSage-powered proactive customer engagement from its high volume cloud service at some time.

VoiceSage Portfolio

Interactive voice messaging

Personalised and intelligent outbound voice messaging capable of taking consumer input and being fully automated:

  • Personalised
  • Keyboard interactions trigger automatic actions
  • Secure collection of self service payments
  • Automated notification alerts

Two-way SMS conversations

Personalised two-way SMS conversations allowing for automated keyword response (such as ‘BUY’) or freeform two-way conversations.

Visual touch messaging

Linking other mediums to mobile applications provides easy processing of payments or surveys through a single touch personalised web page:

  • Surveys
  • Incomplete applications
  • Delivery changes
  • Appointment moves and cancellations
  • Smart pay
  • Gives personalised single touch PCI compliant payments within the consumer’s mobile environment from an SMS or automated voice message using tokenisation


  • Channel independence and switching
  • All mediums are trackable by the contact centre no matter which medium the consumer uses to respond

Managed services

In addition to self-service, a full managed service is available allowing customers to get up and running quickly and maximise performance. VoiceSage provides a range of managed and expert services including Best Time to Contact service Expolink is a leading global provider of confidential whistleblowing hotlines, contact centre services and incident and case management software solutions.

Our whistleblowing hotline service provides an independent channel through which employees can report their concerns in confidence about wrongdoing within their organisation.

Founded more than 20 years ago, we were Europe’s first outsourced whistleblowing provider. Today, we continue to give organisations the support they need to identify wrongdoing and take rapid, remedial action to protect their organisation, its employees and customers.

We now support more than 20% of FTSE 100 companies, many FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, local authorities and government departments. Working in partnership with our clients, we advise on whistleblowing policy and legislation and act as a deterrent against inappropriate and criminal behaviour.

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