Who is Serenova? 
From our 2001 beginnings as LiveOps, we launched a next-generation omni-channel cloud contact centre solution, CxEngage, in 2016 utilising the global data centre scale and industry-leading resilience of AWS, and leveraging many of their native features. We’re a US-headquartered organisation, but sell, deploy and support UK, Ireland & European projects via our UK team based in Berkshire. (We’re no longer part of LiveOps – we were acquired by a large private equity organisation called Marlin Equity, and rebranded as Serenova in 2017. It was a busy year – we also acquired Telstrat, a WFO provider).

What we can do for you
Serenova helps organisations that wish to update their contact centre/customer service capabilities, most often motivated by a desire to improve customer experience across multiple contact channels. As well as supporting organisations that are migrating from long standing on-premise solutions, we’re starting to see some customers that are looking to migrate from their 1st generation cloud contact centre software, (typically driven by unacceptable downtime for those 1st generation systems. Unsurprisingly, platform availability is a key point of evaluation for all those moving to the cloud, especially in the critical sphere of customer contact. CxEngage is a powerful queuing and routing platform, delivering voice, web chat, email, SMS and social messaging interactions to agents via a modern, omni-channel agent desktop application. Interactions are presented to agents via a single queue, and provides a single view of all prior interaction history through it’s lightweight in-built CRM capability. Some organisations prefer to utilise more traditional cloud CRM or ticketing platforms as their ‘customer master file’ – CxEngage can be embedded within applications like Salesforce and Zendesk to provide the contact centre voice & reporting capabilities, serving to unify both suites.

At the core of CxEngage is a powerful interaction flow designer, allowing you to design & optimise the ideal Customer Experience for every interaction type. There’s a graphically rich real time and historical reporting suite too, and easy access to all platform functions via RESTful APIs.Most of our clients build and operate the platform themselves, without the heavy reliance (and cost) on IT departments or supplier managed services contracts. 

Will it work with your current/new phone system?
CxEngage is an example of an “Over The Top” solution. It can sit on top of your existing phone system – we can deliver a contact centre call to any agent/advisor DDI number, or mobile. Many customers are considering using WebRTC now, where the phone call is delivered over the internet and presented to the agent via the browser on the desktop, so all you need is a good quality headset. It also has the benefit of providing an excellent DR/BC capability, since all the agent needs is a solid internet connection and they can continue operating as an agent from anywhere.

What else is available within the CxEngage suite?Our clients typically want to include Recording and Quality Management. CxEngage includes: CxRecord (audio recording search, download, playback); CxCapture (screen recording); and CxEvaluate (Evaluation forms, e-learning, coaching). We also have integrations with Verint and Calabrio; and with Teleopti for Workforce Management.

A further part of the WFO offering is CxEngage Scoreboard, a contact centre performance management solution that aggregates multiple sources of contact centre data to assist with analytics, and in the presentation of relevant dashboard data. It also includes a Gamification module to enhance agent performance, including a competition rules engine, badges, virtual coins, challenges and rewards templates.

What else is coming? CxEngage is based on microservices software code: it’s an approach that allows us to develop, test and release new features quickly, currently in a 2 week release cycle, with features immediately available to all customers and no customer downtime during the release window. This underlying ‘future proof’ capability is important when you consider that the boundaries & expectations of ‘omni-channel’ seem to shift every month. As such, we have a strong roadmap and an ability to gather and assess ideas for the features that our clients need, then prioritise them. Upcoming development themes include AI/Chat Bots; and automated outbound dialling.

Buying CxEngage
Named and Concurrent pricing is available, with only users that log in to take a call/interaction being charged for system use. All others users are free of charge. Min contract term is 1 year. You can burst beyond your contracted seat volume whenever you need to (the platform auto scales and supports thousands of concurrent agents) and we charge for any extra logins above the contract amount for that month. Get in touch if you’d like to give it a try – we can set you up pretty quickly and you’ll only pay for call charges during the agreed trial period.

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