Macro 4, a division of UNICOM Global, develops software solutions that accelerate business transformation. Macro 4’s enterprise information management solutions make it easy for companies to go digital, personalise customer communications and unlock the value of their corporate content.

Our Columbus customer communications management (CCM) software solution enables organisations to build customer loyalty through personalised multi-channel interaction. Our software can help you create and deliver personalised, relevant and timely communications that are optimised for every channel, from web and mobile messaging to print, email and social media.

With customers now having greater control over their personal data, our GDPR solutions help organisations meet their GDPR compliance obligations including the secure storage, control and management of data. As contact centres look for ways to reduce costs, retain staff and improve the customer communications experience, the ability to securely access the right data in an efficient and timely manner has never been more important. With our legacy application decommissioning solutions we help organisations quickly and cost-effectively extract data from any legacy system and store it in a secure, accessible online archive, enabling retirement of the legacy application. Contact us today to find out how we might help you with your customer communications and data management challenges.

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