Konecta UK, based in Milton Keynes, is a leading Business Process Outsourcing company with operations across Europe and & Latin America. We launched our UK operation in 2008 and have been providing customer management expertise through innovative contact solutions across more than 20 different platforms worldwide with over 28,000 employees.

Konecta UK provides services across a diverse range of sectors and business functions, including: Customer Service, Sales (inbound and outbound), Help Desk, Back and Middle Office Administration, Business Process Outsourcing, Document Management Systems and Debt Collection.

Konecta UK creates long-term partnerships with its clients and specializes in high-quality services to companies in Financial Services, IT, Utilities, Retail, Insurance, Telecommunications, Transportation and the Public Sector. Over 400 organisations have chosen to create an outsourced partnership with Konecta, enabling each one to meet their specific objectives of delivering superior customer service and returns on their investment both quickly and efficiently. The benefits of outsourcing to Konecta are many:

  • Significantly improved customer experience
  • Reduced costs without compromising quality of service
  • Increased sales & productivity
  • Delivery of smooth & rapid transition models (TUPE& Acquisitions)
  • Zero social impact transition policy
  • Optimized contact centre & business processes
  • Flexibility towards new business trends
  • Robust Business continuity solutions
  • Better contingency planning – Multi-skilled peak capacity
  • Enhanced customer engagement strategy through the use of data analytics

Our people skills, industry know-how and experience enable us to provide a strong operating model, supported by deep functional expertise.

Our focus is 100% on the ‘brand protection’ of our clients, we work hard to develop and deliver effective business models that will optimize performance efficiently to the delight of your customers and end-users.

For further information regarding Konecta UK and our services please contact

Sanjai Gajjar, Senior, Sales Manager
Tel: +44 (0) 7538 672 484

Dave Halford, Senior Business Development Manager
Tel: + 44 (0) 7932 001634

500 Elder Gate | First Floor | Station House | Milton Keynes | MK9 1BB