UKCCF Webinar: Exploring the Transition to Home Working; insight into what can been achieved, key learnings and advice

21st May 2020 | 2:30pm

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It is just over a month since the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, delivered an unprecedented address to the nation, announcing that new measures were being introduced to restrict public movement, effectively putting the UK into a state of lockdown. For many contact centres it meant, at worst, closure and, at best, implementation of measures to ensure staff were distanced and provided with hand sanitisers and even masks. Faced with the obvious health risk to employees many organisations closed their centres and, through a combination of switching off voice channels and/or transitioning rapidly to a home agent model, they managed to keep alternate contact channels to customers open, particularly for essential services such as utilities, roadside rescue and emergency services.

This is an opportunity to hear from a leading UK energy provider who, in a period of 2-3 weeks, transitioned from a predominantly ‘brick and mortar’ based contact centre model to work-at-home and collaborating with their long term partner, ensured critical contact types continued to be handled during this period. Webchat being scaled, agents rapidly skilled across new customer journeys and additional partner capacity being generated, all contributed to a highly agile response. The session will give you the opportunity to question the panel about their key learnings and best practice principals, as you start to consider your own approach to remote working in the medium to long term, as UK businesses consider the necessities of post-lockdown business.

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