About Cirrus
Cirrus provides Cloud Contact Centre that incorporates the best of what’s available in modern platforms. It’s innovative and flexible. It provides future proof technology that boosts agent productivity and increases revenue, while making customers happier.

The team delivering it includes staff with over a decade of experience running award-winning Contact Centre’s and who know exactly how they work. Along with Cirrus’ customers, the team continue to define a roadmap that is brimming with experience based features and reflects on the real challenges in connecting with customers. With Cirrus solutions, you’re in control. Configure every queue, every call flow, rules for routing and every report yourself. One-click number provisioning provides immediate access to numbers, from across the world, to start taking calls in minutes.

Powered by state-of-the-art data centres with unlimited scalability and the highest level of resilience and security.

The commercial model is exactly as it should be; you only pay for what you use.

Cloud Contact Centre
In today’s fast paced, mobile world, customers expect more. They want to use Twitter, web chat, email, SMS and cleverly routed calling to get connected faster and easier, more cost effectively.

Cirrus provide Contact Centre as a Service, (CCaaS) via a market defining elastic Cloud infrastructure and robust telephone network. Answer customers however they want, using any device and provide further benefits that will transform your business.

You can have complete control, better outcomes and can achieve more.

PCI DSS Compliance
If you are taking payment card details from customers over the telephone, you need to comply with PCI DSS guidelines.  Cirrus PCI Pro provides organisations with a highly effective way of achieving PCI DSS compliance. It is simple, quick and cost effective to deploy. The solution is secure, resilient and proven across many UK contact centres.

Cirrus PCI Pro is designed to work the way you work, and can be embedded into your existing call flows and processes. This not only reduces operational disruption, it also avoids substantial system or process changes and agent retraining.

Workforce Management
Forecast resource requirements based on historical data, agent skills and across multiple channels, to schedule agent shift patterns so they directly match the demand for customers contacting your organisation.

Boost agent productivity with adherence to well laid plans and maximise the opportunity to get customers connected. The Cirrus WFM solution empowers the business to perfectly balance employee satisfaction, profitability and customer care.

Speech Analytics
Cirrus can help you understand more about what your customers are thinking. An insurmountable number of voice recordings or digital conversations can provide rich and meaningful insights on what your customers like, don’t like, what’ they’re saying about your competitors, what they would like improved and so much more.

Speech Analytics technology enables quite precise analysis of words, phrases, categories and themes in conversations, happening all day, every day, in your contact centre. It empowers uses to create ‘heat maps’ and custom visibility by design of not only the things you want to see, but the things you didn’t realise you needed to see. Cirrus’ Speech Analytics solution will transform your business.

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